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Mahjong Towers

Mahjong Towers is a classic oriental solitaire game originally from China. Develops imagination, memory, attentiveness, logic, ingenuity and many other important qualities. Spend time with benefit not only for the soul, but also for the mind!

How to play

Against a beautiful background with carved leaves, there is a tower made of knuckles. Your task is to disassemble the structure by pebbles. To do this, you need to connect chips with the same hieroglyphs to each other, after which they will automatically disappear. Don’t forget that the tower has many layers. Disappearing, the chips open access to those chips that are located under them. As soon as the last pair of tiles is removed from the playing field, access to the next level will open.
There are several styles to choose from:
• Flowers.
• Symbols.
• Postcards.
• Numbers.
• Tree.
• Classics.
If you cannot find a pair of identical chips, use the “shuffle” button on the right side of the screen. The option mixes the chips with each other, opening up access to new details.
Good game!