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Daily Mahjong

Daily Mahjong

The Daily Mahjong is a famous Chinese domino that ranks among the top most requested online puzzle games in the world. This is a game not only for logic and attentiveness, but also for speed qualities. After all, a certain amount of time is allotted for each level. As a result of passing the solitaire, the player will receive points and pleasant bonuses.

Daily Mahjong is a puzzle game that prepares a new challenge every day. Solve the puzzle and win. Wait for the next game after midnight.

Rules of the game

The tiles are arranged in a pyramid on the board. The configuration is constantly changing, which affects the complexity of the game.

The player’s task is to clear the board of tiles within the time specified on the timer. To make the blocks disappear, choose elements with identical images. Only those blocks that are not covered by other tiles and have a free right or left side are active in the game.

On the screen, you can track the score in the game, as well as the record in this level. The player can play and improve their own score. Progress can be tracked in the table, which shows the total score for the week and for all time.