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Dream Pet Link Mahjong

Dream Pet Link Mahjong

Dream Pet Link Mahjong is an old Chinese puzzle reinterpreted. And although there is nothing complicated in the game – you just need to carefully look for identical pieces and remove them from the edge of the playing field – it is not as simple as it might seem at first glance!

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Dream Pet Link Mahjong is a colourful traditional puzzle game. Make identical pairs of blocks and gain a rating number of points. The cute and funny pets depicted on the tiles will bring a great mood and excitement to all players.

How to play

Match tiles with identical animal images. You can choose pairs of blocks that are adjacent and share a common side. Also active are those between which you can draw a line with no more than two right angles.

As soon as the player makes the right move, the blocks will disappear and the score will increase by 10 points.

Keep an eye on the scale. As soon as it runs out, the game is over. You can increase the time with successful moves that replenish the scale.


The player can use a hint. Click on the magnifying glass to make the system highlight the next possible move. You can also cancel all the moves you have made and start the game from the beginning.

After all, there are 9 levels ahead of you, each more difficult than the previous one. Complete them all to become the winner of Mahjong!