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Kyodai Mahjong

Kyodai Mahjong

Complete all 50 levels in Kyodai Mahjong and become a sage who learned Mahjong. In the puzzle, you have to find and remove the same tiles, being attentive, quick-witted and thinking over your every move.

With the development of the rules and goals, difficulties should not arise – after all, immediately after the start of the game, training starts. So you can see at a glance where to click and what to do. And then you can independently go through the new levels that have opened.

Kyodai Mahjong is a solitaire game with an oriental theme. Find pairs of identical tiles and solve the puzzle. The game trains mindfulness, concentration and logical thinking.

Rules of the game

Tiles with different images are placed in front of the player. Choose identical elements and click on them in sequence. If the pair is selected correctly, both blocks will disappear and open access to the next blocks. Depending on the level, the tiles can move to the free space and thus form new combinations.

The scale on the screen indicates the time left until the end of the game. Each successful move extends the time for the game and fills the scale. In addition to points, the player receives a reward in the form of stars.

If you are in a difficult situation and need a hint, click on the image of a magic wand. The available move will be highlighted on the playing field.

Have a good game!