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Mahjong Connect Alchemy

Mahjong Connect Alchemy

Mahjong Connect Alchemy is for those who are ready to plunge into the atmosphere of real oriental magic. Learn alchemical components and cards and create magic on the screen.

Sort the tiles on the board into pairs and clear the board. For each successful step, points and coins are added to your account. Spend coins to get tips and help in the game, as well as to unlock new tile designs and themes. To do this, open the game store and select the options you need.
Combine identical elements with identical images. You can only select active tiles, i.e. those that are not blocked by other tiles on top or on the sides. A correctly matched pair disappears.

If you need help, select the arrow icon on the screen. If there are no available elements and no further moves, shuffle all the tiles and create a new combination on the screen. You can also get additional help by clicking on the question mark. You can get help by paying with coins or watching ads. The next pair of tiles will be highlighted and the player will be able to make the next move.

Solve puzzles and get rewards. The game develops and improves logic, thinking, attention and is sure to appeal to strategists.