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Mahjongcon is a timeless classic with a new look. The developers perfectly conveyed the delicate atmosphere of the East and preserved the spirit of the legendary solitaire so that you can enjoy your favorite game online at any time!

How to play

The rules remain the same – to match each piece on the field with its own pair with exactly the same hieroglyph as it has. The task is difficult, but to make it easier, not only symbols, but also numbers are drawn on each chip. If you can’t find two identical patterns, look for identical numbers. Chips can be connected to each other both inside the layout and along the edges. The main thing is that the connection line does not form more than two corners.
The passage of each level is limited by the timeline, which can be seen at the bottom of the screen. Hurry up – if you don’t have time, the level will restart and you will have to go through it from the very beginning.
At any time during the game, you can use a hint that will show the location of two identical pieces. For each pressing of the HINT button, several seconds are subtracted, for each remote pair, on the contrary, it is added. So you can adjust the time yourself.
To win, completely clear the playing field of all the chips.
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