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Mahjong Quest 3

Mahjong Quest 3 is a breathtaking adventure that you will not soon forget! This amazing online game in the style of Mahjong, where everything is perfect: beautiful design, with love and diligence traced details, relaxing and caressing music, and, of course, addictive gameplay, which is impossible to tear yourself away from!
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How to play

The journey begins with choosing the side of the world. Decide which one sympathizes with you the most and go there, right towards your destiny. Before you is the most difficult mission – to find among a dozen dominoes matching each other according to the pattern and bring them out of the playing field. If you are not an experienced traveler in Mahjong, but just an amateur or a beginner, then at first it will be difficult to navigate in so many symbols. But over time, you adapt, and a hint can help you with this – a question mark in the lower left corner. The option shows identical pairs, guiding you and simplifying the task.
There is also a time indicator next to it. It shows how many minutes and seconds are left to complete the level.
Mahjong Quest 3 is the kind of game you want to enjoy for as long as possible. Therefore, take your time! Play for your pleasure!