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Mahjong Connect 2 12 levels

Mahjong Connect 2 12 levels

Mahjong Connect 2 12 levels is an addictive online game that will keep you on your toes until the very end. Its goal is to find a pair of tiles with the same symbols and pair them. Only those tiles are connected between which a line can be drawn that forms no more than three corners. To complete the level, remove all the chips from the field.

There is a timeline at the bottom of the screen. If you do not have time to remove all the tiles before the seconds run out, the level will be considered failed. Use hints to help you meet the deadline.

Mahjong Connect 2 12 levels is a puzzle game based on traditional Chinese board games. Find pairs of blocks and free the board. This interesting game stimulates mental activity, makes you concentrate and train your mindfulness.

How to play

Choose tiles with identical values or patterns. To do this, choose only free tiles, i.e. those that are not blocked from the top or left and right. Create a password for the game to personalise it and save your progress.

Look for pairs of identical elements and click on them. If the pair is correct, the blocks will disappear.
The player follows the route and opens new levels. The scale on the screen moves and indicates the remaining time. Each successful move replenishes the scale and moves the slider back.

Bonuses and boosters

Use the help in the game. There are icons on the right. Click on the sword to remove one pair of blocks, on the cannon to destroy two pairs. The spyglass highlights a possible move, the hourglass gives you bonus time.

Patience and good luck!