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Mahjong Dragon Connect

Mahjong Dragon Connect

Mahjong Dragon Connect, an exciting game for training your eyes and brain, will help you not only think like a strategist, finding and remove identical chips, but also spend your free time with benefit. The puzzle uses traditional Chinese symbols – hieroglyphs, dragons, butterflies and bamboo.

High-quality rendering of these symbols is immersed in the atmosphere of the East and makes the game process even more atmospheric and exciting.

Mahjong Dragon Connect is a puzzle game in the Chinese tradition. Choose pairs of identical tiles and clear the board of blocks.

How to play

The player’s task is to remove all the blocks from the field. To do this, select two identical tiles and they will disappear. Choose only active tiles, that is, those that are not covered by other stones and have one side open – left or right.

100 levels

Themed tiles can be combined with other tiles that have images of that theme, such as floral motifs, seasons, and more.
There are 100 levels in the game. Complete them all and set records in each of them.

The screen shows the number of moves available, as well as the points earned for the pairs of blocks you collect.


Use the hints – shuffle the tiles by clicking on the circular arrows, or highlight the available moves by clicking on the question mark.