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Mahjong Seasons: Spring and Summer

Mahjong Seasons: Spring and Summer

Mahjong Seasons: Spring and Summer is a unique themed puzzle game. Match pairs of tiles and set a game record. Popular oriental puzzles train mindfulness, concentration, improve thinking and logic, and teach you to create your own strategy and game.

There are tiles with themed images on the board. Enjoy the summer and spring themes of the images – bees, flowers, leaves and suns. Choose pairs with identical symbols and complete all levels of the game. Each subsequent level has more elements and a more complex layout.

To clear the playing field, you need to select a pair of identical patterns. Click on the elements that are adjacent or between which you can draw a line with no more than two turns. Correctly matched pairs of dice disappear.

The player can track the time spent on solving the puzzle. There is also a counter of earned points on the screen. You can increase your points by matching pairs as quickly as possible.

Use the hints if you can’t find the next move. Click on the binoculars image to highlight the next move. Shuffle the tiles by clicking on the arrows. Enjoy the colourful game and the spring and summer mood.