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Faces Mahjong

Faces Mahjong

Faces Mahjong is a real puzzle for the brain, because, unlike the original, where you need to look for knuckles with Chinese characters and butterflies, in this version the tiles represent … parts of the human body! Even if you are not a surgeon, you can definitely feel like one with this game!

Faces Mahjong is a puzzle game for those who are ready to test their attentiveness and ability to concentrate on the little things. Find the same faces among the elements and clear the board of blocks as quickly as possible.

How to play Faces Mahjong

There are tiles with faces in front of the player. They all have their own identical pair.

The player’s task is to pair the tiles and thus clear the board. Choose tiles that are adjacent and share a common side. These can be pairs of blocks both on the edge of the playing field and in the middle of it. You can also pair elements that can be connected by a line with no more than two corners.

Keep an eye on the timer at the top of the screen and find the blocks for the next game as quickly as possible. Use the hints to highlight the available pairs of tiles for your next move.

Connect all the tiles. Every last thing. And put your name on the Mahjong Top Scoreboard!