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Cookie Connect

The cheerful little mouse-cook is sad today – he needs to bake just mountains of fragrant cookies for his bakery, but he cannot cope alone! Time is short, you need to hurry! Will you help a charming rodent in his difficult but tasty business? The meeting point is the awesome Cookie Connect mahjong game!
The mouse is already waiting for its savior!

How to play

The rules of the game are very unusual. Indeed, unlike the classic games of the genre “three in a row”, where you can connect the same balls to each other only “left-right” and “up-down”, in this puzzle you can draw a line diagonally. This unique innovation makes the gameplay even more varied and interesting.
Instead of balls, as you remember, we have cookies! Delicious, aromatic, melting in the mouth. Combine it into the longest possible combination to get more points.
Each level will have different tasks. If you have any difficulty, use the help buttons on the right side of the screen.
And you can start baking cookies right now!