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Puzzle mahjong

Puzzle mahjong

Puzzle mahjong is an addicting puzzle game in which you can only rely on your intelligence and sharpness of eyes. Luck won’t help here! After all, your task is to find two identical tiles from the structure and remove them from the playing field. The task is complicated by the fact that you can only select those tiles, three sides of which are free from other tiles.

Puzzle mahjong is an interesting Chinese puzzle game. Find identical blocks and clear the playing field of all the elements one by one.

How to play

The blocks on the board are arranged in several levels. Choose free tiles with identical images and click on them. Blocks that are not covered by other elements on top and have a free right or left side are called free or active in the game. The correctly matched pair of blocks disappears from the playing field and the player gets the opportunity to use the next tiles.

Options and tips

On the screen, you can track the status of the account, as well as the number of available moves and tiles remaining on the screen.

The player can cancel the previous move by clicking on the arrow key. Two arrows indicate the function of shuffling the blocks on the board. If you need help, click on the light bulb and get a hint for the next move.

Have a good game!