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Tetris Mahjong

Tetris Mahjong

Tetris Mahjong is a 3 in 1 online game that combines legendary games such as Tetris, Mahjong and the popular match 3 bubble games genre.

This is a puzzle where you need to think, develop a strategy and calculate your every step. The goal is to arrange the colored blocks on the field so as to completely fill a horizontal or vertical row with them. The task is complicated by the fact that the player does not know which blocks will appear next time, so here you will have to rely not only on your logical skills, but also on your intuition.

Tetris Mahjong is a puzzle game with coloured blocks. Make shapes and get points for each collected strip of cubes. The player trains logic, mindfulness, and spatial thinking.

How to play

Coloured blocks of different configurations appear on the game screen. The player’s task is to put the blocks in a line to make them disappear. As a result of successful moves, points appear on the account.

All elements are of different shapes. Click on the arrow keys to change their position, turn them left or right. To lower a block faster, you can press the space bar.

The game is over when the blocks reach the top of the screen and there is no free space left.

Score and bonuses

In a separate block, the player can track the number of points earned. There is a counter of points and collected lines on the right. Additional bonus points can be earned by collecting two or more lines of blocks in a row.

The game does not require additional skills and will appeal to even the youngest players.