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Mahjong Relax

Mahjong Relax

Millions of people every day come to Mahjong Relax to train their logic and mind, as well as relax their souls and have a good time.

The very name of the Mahjong Relax solitaire suggests that this is a game not for speed, but for pleasure and relaxation. So take your time and enjoy every pair of tiles you find.
To do this, join the fans of Chinese dominoes and launch the online version right now!

Mahjong Relax is a traditional Chinese board game in which the player has to free the board from tiles.

How to play

Blocks with different images are arranged in several levels. To remove them from the field, you need to click on the blocks with the same patterns. You need to choose only free tiles – those that are open on the right or left side. If the choice is made correctly, the tiles will disappear.
On the screen, the player can keep track of the number of blocks that are still on the board, as well as the number of tiles of a particular type.


Use hints and other options to quickly complete a level and open a new one. To do this, use the additional functions at the top of the screen. Click on the shuffle to rearrange the tiles and discover new combinations. Click on the hint option and a pair of tiles for the next move will be highlighted on the screen. Use the additional options to cancel the previous move. The block will return to its place.