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Mahjong Chain

Mahjong Chain is the hardest Mahjong that can blow your mind. Passing each level brings satisfaction from the realization of the genius of their mental abilities, unsurpassed skills of strategy and logic.
Do you dare to solve this difficult puzzle?

How to play

To complete the level, find two identical Mahjong tiles, tap them one by one and take them out of the game. If the tiles are in the center of the structure, then only those that are located next to each other can be connected. If the tiles are on the edge, then the connection line between them cannot form more than two corners.
There is a time counter at the bottom of the screen. If you do not have time to complete the level, it will restart from the very beginning. To the left of the counter there are help buttons:
• Loupe – shows the location of two identical chips.
• Arrow – interferes with each other.
Complete all 12 levels and become a Mahjong Master.