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Mahjong Fruits Connect 2

Mahjong Fruits Connect 2 is a fruit and vegetable extravaganza set in the measured world of Mahjong that promises to make a lot of noise! This game is loved for its bright colors, “delicious” design, realistic pictures with fruits and vegetables, as well as addictive gameplay from the first seconds.
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How to play

A very interesting version of Mahjong with a special “twist” – the faster you find and connect the same pictures, the more time you have. That is, for each pair you find, they add a few seconds to you, which motivates you to accelerate your pace and increase your concentration.
Each found pair of pictures explodes enchantingly with colorful fireworks – animation in Mahjong Fruits Connect 2 is also great!
The level ends with a victory when all the cubes explode on the playing field. After that, access to a new round opens. The further you go, the more surprises await you – new pictures, more complex designs and a sucking abyss of pleasure that will not let you stop!
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