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Mahjong Connect 247

Mahjong Connect 247

Mahjong Connect 247 is an all-time popular online game that can not only relieve stress, but also develop logic skills. And this is an indisputable fact.

After all, the task before the player is the following – to find among the numerous tiles with the symbols depicted on them two identical and combine them into a single whole. But you can only choose free tiles that are not covered by others on at least three sides. Therefore, the game will come in handy not only good eyesight, attentiveness and ingenuity, but also strategic thinking.

Mahjong Connect 247 is a solitaire game that will definitely test the player’s perseverance, attentiveness and ability to think quickly. Look for pairs of tiles and free the board from blocks.

How to play Mahjong Connect 247

The player’s task is to find pairs of identical tiles and free the board from the elements. Click on tiles that are not covered by other elements and have two free sides. If the pair is selected correctly, both elements will disappear and open access to the next blocks.

Game timer

The screen shows the number of available pairs of tiles. As soon as the player manages to find two identical tiles, the counter will count down. The player has 500 seconds to solve the puzzle. Keep track of time and find the available moves as quickly as possible.
Solitaire improves thinking, memory and logic.

Enjoy the game!