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Mahjong Flowers

Mahjong Flowers is a gentle and flavorful version of the legendary classic Mahjong game dedicated to beautiful flowers.
Dozens of levels, from easy to the most difficult, await you, gorgeous musical accompaniment and gameplay that will not let go from the first seconds to the very end. See for yourself!

How to play

The task is as follows – to clear the playing field by disassembling the construction of the chips. To do this, you need to match each chip with its own pair with exactly the same symbol as it has. First select one chip, then another and combine them with each other. The combined pairs will be removed from the structure and clear the playing field.
You can only choose free ones, that is, chips not blocked on at least two sides by other parts. To facilitate the passage, free counters “light up”, and closed ones are darkened.
Collect points, complete levels and don’t give up!
Good luck!