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Midas Mahjong

Midas Mahjong is an amazing design and gameplay game based on the famous oriental Mahjong solitaire game. The whole world plays in it, without exaggeration. Therefore, you simply must like it!
Don’t pass by!

How to play

There are 144 chips in the hand. For each you need to choose your own pair. Find pieces with the same symbols and connect them to each other so that they are automatically removed from the structure.
You can only select free chips that are not covered by other chips on at least two sides.
An important tip: try to remove chips that open access to key areas of the layout. The obvious solution is not always the best one.
Each level is given 10 minutes. If you are having difficulty finding identical chips, take a hint – click on the HINT button at the very bottom of the right corner. She will show you a pair of twin tokens that can be removed from the layout.
Chips with flowers, like the seasons, pair up with each other, regardless of their identity.
Good luck!