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Mahjong Royal

Mahjong Royal

Mahjong Royal is a classic game from the Oriental solitaire series. Train your attentiveness and observation, logic, stacking brightly colored tiles and improve your skills with each new level.

How to play Mahjong Royal

There are tiles with different images on the playing field. The game elements are arranged in several levels. The player’s task is to disassemble the dice slide. To do this, click on two identical elements, or a pair that has the same thematic or color image. Only free tiles should be chosen, i.e. those that are not covered from above and have two free sides. If the pair is chosen correctly, both elements will disappear and open access to the next ones.

Each level has additional tasks:
– disassemble the tiles;
– clear the board within a certain time;
– find special tiles and others.

To complete the task, the time is set on the timer. Depending on the speed, the player can get a star as a reward: gold, silver or bronze. The player receives points on the account and additional options. Click on the appropriate icons to get help with the solution:

  • the horseshoe and cloverleaf highlight free dice for 30 seconds;
  • click on the magnifying glass to highlight the available move;
  • the circle arrow allows you to cancel the previous move;
  • two arrows shuffle the tiles in places if all available moves have been exhausted.

Each new level has more and more elements that are placed differently and create a new shape each time. Play Mahjong Royal and train your memory and mindfulness.