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Mahjong Story 2

Mahjong Story 2

Mahjong Story 2 is an addictive puzzle game based on oriental board games. Enjoy a large number of games and tasks and improve your skills. Travel around the map to all locations and get points for each level you complete.

How to play Mahjong Story 2

The objective of the game is to collect all the tiles in pairs and clear the playing field. All elements are arranged in several levels. To make them disappear, you need to click on the same tiles or move them on top of each other. The player can use only those elements that are free, that is, open on both sides.

For each pair collected, the player will receive points on the account, receive bonuses and boosters, as well as additional attempts.

Each level has certain tasks, such as collecting all the tiles, combining all the golden elements, collecting all the toys, and others.

Additional boosters make the task easier. Fireworks destroy several elements on the field. Turn on the flashlight and highlight all available moves.

The scale indicates the time left to solve the puzzle. The faster the player collects all the chips, the more stars they will get for each level. You can also track the number of available moves on the screen.

All records and awards are recorded in a separate notebook. Complete tasks and challenges and get a whole list of rewards. You can access new tile designs: summer theme, classic or standard design.