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Monster Mahjong

Monster Mahjong

In a fun cartoon-style game Monster Mahjong, you need to match each monster on the game piece and remove them from the field. Monsters are not scary at all, but on the contrary, attractive and charming. For completing a level, you are awarded points and bonuses – so click β€œStart” quickly and start an online game!

Monster Mahjong is a solitaire game with funny monsters. Complete all levels and free the board from blocks. The gameplay is simple and suitable for even the smallest players.

How to play

Choose tiles with identical monsters on the board and click on them. The tiles must be active, i.e. not closed on the right or left side.
The game time is limited by the timer. Keep an eye on the scale, as soon as it reaches the end, the game is over. Shuffle the tiles if it is difficult to find a pair of blocks for the next move.

The screen displays a counter for the number of moves made and the game score.

If there are no available moves on the board, the tiles will change location. For a certain period of the game, the player receives additional hints – automatic matching of pairs of blocks.