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Krismas Mahjong 2

Krismas Mahjong 2

Krismas Mahjong 2 is a themed puzzle game inspired by traditional oriental solitaire. Unlock a real Advent calendar with different levels of play and win in each of them. Enjoy colourful graphics and a Christmas theme.

At the beginning of the game, the participant has two game modes to choose from: easy and classic. Choose the difficulty level and complete all levels. Improve your skills and get ready to solve more difficult challenges.

There are tiles on the board with various Christmas symbols. The objective of each level is to clear the board of game elements. To do this, select tiles with identical patterns and click on them. If you choose the right pair, they will disappear and open access to the next ones.

You can combine free tiles, those that are not blocked on both sides, or those that are located next to each other. Click on the elements that can be connected by a line with no more than two turns.

Keep an eye on the timer. The bright scale goes down and as soon as it reaches the end, the game is over. Each successful pair of tiles adds to the scale.
Follow the Advent calendar, which shows a new puzzle every day. After completing a level, the player will receive a fortune cookie. Get a great prediction before the new year and Christmas holidays.

Solve the puzzle and enjoy the festive mood and Christmas spirit.