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Majong is a Chinese solitaire game for those with a large supply of patience, wisdom and strong nerves. After all, not every player manages to clear the field of 144 tiles and complete the round. Develop your strategy and make sure that the further you go, the better it gets and the more interesting it gets.

Majong is a traditional Chinese mahjong-style solitaire game. Collect pairs of identical tiles and clear the board.

Rules of the game

The gameplay is simple and straightforward. There are tiles with different images on the board. Choose identical blocks among the free ones and click on them sequentially. You can also combine thematic images, such as seasons or images of people, into pairs.

Tiles should have a free right or left side and should not be blocked by other game elements. Correctly selected tiles will disappear from the screen and open access to the next blocks.


In difficult situations, use the game help. Click on the light bulb to get a hint. The system will highlight the next move – an identical pair of tiles.

If you’re out of moves, click on the arrows to shuffle the blocks. The number of elements will not change, but they will take a different position and thus open up the possibility of finding the next pairs of blocks.

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