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Mahjong Variants

Mahjong Variants

Combine business with pleasure in the game Mahjong Variants. Pump your brain to full power by connecting identical tiles to each other. It just seems easy in words! But in reality, everything is much more complicated. There are many tiles, all symbols are similar to each other.

It is very easy to get lost in such a cycle of hieroglyphs. Moreover, there are no clues. Not at all.
So you have to rely only on your own strength.

Mahjong Variants is a puzzle game with oriental motifs. Unlock puzzles of different configurations and complete all levels. There are 24 levels for players. Complete one puzzle and gain access to the next.

How to play

The game has a time limit of 3 minutes. The time may vary depending on the difficulty of the game. The blocks are placed in several levels. Each of the elements has a specific meaning, a symbol or a thematic picture.

Click on identical tiles and wait for them to disappear. Move on to find the next pair. The faster the player manages to find pairs of blocks, the more bonus points will be credited to the account. You can choose those elements that are not covered by other blocks, as well as have the right or left side open.

As soon as all the moves are exhausted, the player has two possible options to continue: shuffle all the tiles or start the game from the beginning.
There is a scoreboard on the screen where the player sees the score of the game, as well as the record number of points that was earned as much as possible.

Inspiration and good luck! They will definitely come in handy!