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Fruits Mahjong

You can’t resist this juicy fruit and berry madness in Fruits Mahjong! I just want to plunge into this amazing atmosphere again and again.
And while playing, I really want to chew natural vitamins. They look so appetizing that you can’t resist!

How to play

The first thing to do is choose a difficulty level. If you are a beginner, then try your hand at “easy”, if you’re an amateur, then “normal” will suit you, but for a pro – only “hard”.
The task is to match each picture with an identical pair. As soon as this is done, the juicy duo of two halves explodes and effectively disappears from the game screen. Thus, you need to clear the entire field of fruits.
 Important: you can only choose pictures, at least two sides of which are not covered by other chips. To get to blocked elements, remove adjacent to them and open access to all the chips on the field.
You will definitely succeed! Good game!