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Shanghai Dynasty Mahjong

The Chinese legend comes to life in a new format! In the game Shanghai Dynasty Mahjong you will find attractive design, relaxing music, dozens of levels, from easy to unrealistically difficult. And, what is most important, addictive gameplay, which is absorbing headlong into this world of oriental excitement and adventures!

How to play

The game has two versions to choose from:
• For kids – for beginners and children.
• Shanghai – for experienced players.
The task facing the players is to disassemble the layout of the chips so that not a single detail remains on the field. To do this, you need to find and remove identical pieces in pairs, calculating each move.
An important tip: choose only those tokens that are not covered from above by other tokens and have at least one free side. And also try to free up as many chips as possible so that you do not end up in a dead end by the final level.
There is no time limit in the puzzle, which allows you to enjoy the process of passing at a comfortable pace.
Have a good game!