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Mahjong Firefly

Mahjong Firefly is an online match-and-match puzzle game. Captivates immediately and for a long time from the first seconds of the passage thanks to an interesting design, various levels of difficulty, different layouts of chips, dynamic and exciting gameplay.

How to play

On the field in several rows there are chips with various symbols applied to them. The player needs to find its twin counter for each piece. The detected pair connects and disappears. Under the disappeared tokens there are others that take their place and become active.
To complete the level, remove all the tokens from the game screen. In the process of selecting a chip, some of them will light up red. This indicates that the token is closed, that is, surrounded by other tokens, and to release it, you need to remove those that block access to it.
At the top left is the time indicator. Hurry up to complete the round before the seconds run out or the level will restart from the very beginning.
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