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Mystic Mahjong Adventures

Mystic Mahjong Adventures

Incredible and mystical adventures await everyone who dares to embark on a difficult but exciting journey in the game Mystic Mahjong Adventures! A mysterious atmosphere immerses you in the gameplay, where you need to find and connect blocks of twins in pairs. Very little time is given to complete each stage, so it’s worth hurrying to get to the very end.

Mystic Mahjong Adventures is a puzzle game in which you need to free the playing field from the elements. Collect the gems and go all the way through the stops.

Rules of the game

At the beginning of the game, the participant can view the instructions and hints on how to play and solve the puzzles.

Click on identical elements and wait for them to disappear from the game board. The pictures must be identical. Tiles that are covered by other tiles are not available for selection. You can combine blocks that have an open right or left side or both. Collect diamonds by pairing blocks with diamonds on them.

Bonuses and rewards

There is a scale on the screen. Each correct move fills the scale, which is divided into three segments. As soon as the scale is filled, the level is completed and the player can move on to the next level of difficulty.

For each completed stage of the game, the player receives an additional reward in the form of stars. Get the maximum reward for completing each level – three stars on your score.

It will definitely not be boring! Join us!