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Kris Mahjong 4

Kris Mahjong 4 is a delicious, mouth-watering version of the traditional Mahjong solitaire game. After all, the game is dedicated to what makes us live – food in all its manifestations.

How to play

Here are more than a hundred pictures with images of different products. You need to find two identical pictures and remove them from the playing field. Inside the layout, you can connect pictures only horizontally and vertically. At the edges of the layout, the connection line should not form more than two corners, otherwise the pictures will not connect to each other.
The timeline is located on the right. For each pair removed, a few seconds are added to it. Therefore, it is in the player’s power to independently influence the time and increase its amount for further passage.
Find a pair for every jar of jam, every ripe pumpkin, and every yummy hot dog!
The game begins!