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Mahjong Com

Mahjong Com

Mahjong Com is an adorable version of Mahjong that will help you develop your memory and mindfulness. And also pump your logic skills and strategic thinking.

24 Levels

The game has 24 levels with a variety of layouts. Unlike other games of this genre, access to the levels is open from the very beginning of the game.

The rules of the game are simple – find the same tiles among the chips and group them into pairs, alternately clicking on one, then on the other. The found pairs will be automatically removed from the screen, giving access to the lower chips. The level will be considered passed when there are no chips left on the playing field.

Mahjong Com is a Chinese puzzle game for all fans of intellectual games and interesting leisure. Choose a game among a large number of boards and set records at each level.

How to play Mahjong Com

The player can choose the level of difficulty of the game by clicking on a special tile shape on the board. At the bottom, you can set limits and choose a game that has a solution, may not have a solution, and a linear game with backfill, which is recommended for beginners.

Choose tiles that have a free right or left side, as well as identical images and symbols. If you make the right choice, the tiles will disappear. Keep going until you manage to completely clear the playing field of all game elements.


If you can’t find the next pair, use the hints. Click on the light bulb image and the system will highlight two tiles. The player can cancel the move by clicking on the rounded arrow icon.

Each level has 3 minutes of time. Hurry up on time, otherwise you will have to start over!