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Mahjong Combi

Mahjong Combi is a challenging version of the popular oriental Mahjong solitaire game in which you have to think a lot. If you like it, then open the game directly in the browser and play it online. And you don’t need to download anything.
Everything for your comfort!

How to play

The player can choose from several layouts. The task is as follows – to find identical tiles and remove them from the playing field. During the passage, not all tiles will be active, as they are locked by other tiles. They need to be freed. To do this, start looking for chips that have at least one side open. And thus, slowly, step by step, open all the chips on the field.
Helpful advice: if you have found three chips from which you can pick up a pair, take your time and think about which pair will give the most beneficial result for the future.
There are no clues in Mahjong Combi game. Therefore, you can only hope for your own abilities. Good luck!