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Mahjong Titan 247

Mahjong Titan 247 is a connection-based logic game that will train not only your brain, but also your reaction, attentiveness and intelligence. There are as many as 300 levels available in the puzzle! And as a nice bonus – the passage is not limited in time. So you can enjoy the gameplay without haste and think about your every step.

How to play

As in classic Mahjong, the goal remains the same – to find the same chips among the chips and create a pair of them. To do this, click the “mouse” first on one chip, then on another. If they fit together, they will immediately be removed and the details hidden under them will be revealed.
There are help buttons on the right side of the screen.
• “Hint” indicating a pair of twin chips.
• “Shuffle”, which swaps all the parts in places.
Optionally, you can change the background – make it monochromatic or, conversely, painted.