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Coffee mahjong

Coffee mahjong

Time to take a break with Coffee mahjong. After all, it’s great to spend time with a cup of hot coffee with a bite with airy cakes that melt in your mouth. We have a lot of such delicacies, so sit back and plunge into the fragrant and delicious atmosphere right now!

Game rules: match two identical pictures to remove them from the game board. You can only select free pictures that are not covered by other pictures and with at least one free side.

Coffee mahjong is an original puzzle game for true coffee lovers. The playing field contains tiles with images of coffee beans, cups, and other equipment for making a drink.

How to play

The objective of the game is to clear the board of all tiles. The participant has a limited amount of time to complete the task. If you manage to meet the allotted time, the player receives bonus points. Click on identical blocks to make them disappear from the board.

If you can’t find the next move, use the hints. Click on the shuffle command to discover new combinations of blocks. Click on a hint to have the system highlight a possible move.

On the screen, the player keeps track of the score and the number of levels completed.
Play and improve your ability to concentrate on the little things, develop your mindfulness and improve your logic.

The coffee break is only 7 minutes long. But don’t be discouraged – the game has many levels, so you can stretch your vacation for a long time!