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Classic Chinese Mahjong

Classic Chinese Mahjong

East is a delicate matter. And to understand it, you need to respect the interests and traditions of its inhabitants. You can start with Classic Chinese Mahjong Solitaire. It is the prototype of the legendary Chinese board game Majiang, which is a national cultural treasure in many eastern countries.

We will tell you how to play it: before you is a layout of chips, with various hieroglyphs, symbols and suits applied to them. You need to find two identical chips, click on them one by one and take them out of the game. To complete the level, disassemble the entire layout so that not a single tile remains in it.

A feature of this version of Mahjong is the ability to choose the background and format of the game (2D or 3D).

Classic Chinese Mahjong is a classic Chinese puzzle game for all fans of intellectual games. Arrange the tiles on the board and stimulate your brain activity.

How to play

The player’s task is to clear the board. To do this, select pairs of identical blocks and click them. If the move is made correctly, both tiles will disappear and open access to other elements.

Game options

The participant can adjust the game process. Start by selecting the difficulty level and choose the configuration of the blocks on the screen. You can also change the background of the game board.

The player can choose one of two modes – two-dimensional or three-dimensional.

Click on the rounded arrow to shuffle the dice. If you need a hint, click on the question mark on the screen.
On the right side, the participant can keep track of the score and the best results in this level.