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Spring Mahjong

Spring Mahjong

Spring Mahjong is one of the best connect puzzle games you can play online. The passage of the levels is not limited by time, so the gameplay can be stretched to your pleasure as your heart desires!

The goal of the solitaire game is to disassemble the presented layout into pairs of tiles with the same symbols. You can only select a tile if at least two sides of it are open and not blocked by other tiles. So, slowly opening access to the lower tiers of the layout, remove all the chips from the game.

Spring Mahjong is a game that offers to solve a Chinese traditional puzzle. The background of the game is a gentle spring landscape, and the player can change the image on the tiles by choosing a design from the list: cards, symbols, classics, flowers, and others.

How to play

The player’s task is to collect the number of pairs of blocks indicated on the counter. To do this, click on the tiles with identical images. Correctly selected elements will disappear and open access to the next elements.

The player can shuffle the tiles and cancel the previous move. To do this, click on the corresponding blocks on the left side of the screen. The timer on the screen indicates the time spent on solving the puzzle.

The game helps to improve thinking, logic, ability to concentrate on small elements and attentiveness.

Good luck!