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Mahjong Gardens

Mahjong Gardens is a great mind trainer to keep your brain toned. The puzzle not only relieves stress and calms the nervous system, but also improves memory, concentration and intelligence. The design of the game is made in rich bright colors, which give a great mood and motivate to win.
Don’t hesitate! Forward to your Victory!

How to play

Connect two identical Mahjong tiles to take them out of the playing field. In addition to symbols and hieroglyphs, the game has tiles with flowers. All flower tiles fit together, whether they are the same or not.
In this version of mahjong, the gameplay is simplified by the fact that you do not need to look for free tiles that are not covered by other tiles. Selectable tiles are highlighted, while closed tiles are in the shade.
On the right side of the screen are the game options. With their help, you can pause the game, take a hint, turn the music on or off, and expand the game to full screen.
Passage is not limited by time, but in the lower right corner there is a stopwatch that counts how long it took the player to complete the level. The best results are recorded in the table of records. Enter your name there too!