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Mahjong Dogs 2

Mahjong Dogs 2 is a continuation of the popular online game in the genre of “connect”, where you need to further pair different breeds of dogs and earn points. In this part you will find new, even crazier and more funny characters, difficult levels and a lot of fun. Join the dog pack now!

How to play

Dogs are animals that cannot stand being alone. They, like air, just need to communicate with people or with their relatives. Therefore, it is not surprising that in Mahjong Dogs 2 they feel lost and alone (although you cannot tell by their faces). But it is in your power to fix everything! Find a pair for each dog and help the dogs to reunite with their soul mate.
To do this, you need to do the following:
• Find two identical dogs.
• Press the mouse button on one, and then on the other.
If the dogs fit together, then they will connect and disappear. And two dogs in this world will be happier!
Enter the online puzzle right now and enjoy the gameplay with your four-legged friends!