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Mahjong Connect 3

Mahjong Connect 3

Mahjong Connect 3 is an online logic game in the genre of “connect pairs”. You will find colorful design, gorgeous music and exciting levels, each next more exciting than the previous one. The puzzle is not Russified, but thanks to the intuitive interface, it will not be difficult even for a child to understand the options.

The goal of Mahjong Connect 3 is to remove all the pieces from the playing field by pairing the same pieces. There is a timeline at the bottom of the screen. Therefore, you need to do this at a pace. If you do not have time, the level will restart from the very beginning.

Mahjong Connect 3 is a puzzle game with colourful images that will allow you to experience oriental culture. Choose tiles with the same patterns and get extra points on your score.

How to play Mahjong Connect 3

At the beginning of the game, the participant has the opportunity to enter a password to access their game and achievements. Open the map and complete the route from tower to tower.

Find two free tiles with identical patterns on the playing field. You can only choose blocks between which you can draw a line with two turns and no more.

Special symbols

Boosters and bonuses are available in the game. Use additional icons to win faster. Click on the sword to remove a pair of blocks. The magnifying glass highlights the available move. The hourglass adds 8 seconds to the game time. The cannon destroys two pairs of tiles. To shuffle the tiles on the board and discover new combinations and moves, click on the two arrows icon.

Good luck!