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Mahjong Wallpaper

Mahjong Wallpaper

Mahjong Wallpaper is an unusual match-and-match puzzle game inspired by the classic oriental game Mahjong. The theme of solitaire is even more unusual, where mahjong tiles are made in the form of pieces of wall wallpaper.

Variegated, patterned, floral prints – they all need to be sorted by type, combining two identical pieces into a roll. As soon as the wall of the playing field is cleared of all the wallpaper, the level will end with a victory and access to the next round will open.

Mahjong Wallpaper is a solitaire game with colourful elements. Try to find all the pairs of wallpaper samples and match them into pairs.

How to play Mahjong Wallpaper

The goal of the game is to free the board from tiles. To do this, select identical elements and click on them. If the pair is selected correctly, it will disappear and open access to the next elements in the game.

The screen shows squares with different wallpaper samples. You should choose blocks with identical ornaments and designs. You can combine tiles that are adjacent and share a common side, or you can draw a line between them with no more than two turns.
Additional conditions and boosters

Limited time

The participant has a limited amount of time. The timer on the screen indicates 5 minutes to solve the solitaire. If there are no moves left, click on the two arrows icon. The tiles on the screen will shuffle and additional moves will become available to the player. The question mark icon hides hints. Click on this square and a pair of identical tiles will be highlighted.

Good luck!