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Patterns Link

Patterns Link is a fun match-and-match game based on the famous Chinese Mahjong solitaire game.
Before starting a level, select the interface language in the upper right corner. The puzzle is Russified, and this is undoubtedly one of its main advantages!

How to play

To complete the level, you need to find a pair of identical patterns. Once detected, they will automatically be removed from the playing field, bringing you closer to victory. The passage of the level is limited in time, so you can’t hesitate! But you should not rush too much – there will be enough time, if you do not slow down too much. Therefore, choose a comfortable pace for yourself and build on from it – this is still a game for pleasure, not a race for inheritance.
At the top of the screen there is a hint button in the form of a magnifying glass. It highlights two identical patterns that you can remove. There is also a button for changing the layout right next to it – you need to be careful with it. After all, if you click on it, the level will restart from the very beginning, and you will lose the points you earned.
Good game!