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Union Mahjong

Union Mahjong

The popular Chinese puzzle Union Mahjong invites you to plunge into the oriental world of online board games and spend your free time with the benefit of the mind. Your task is to find two knuckles with the same pattern and connect them together. As soon as identical tokens are found, they self-destruct from the playing field, bringing you closer to victory.

Union Mahjong is a Chinese traditional solitaire for all fans of intellectual games and puzzles. Arrange the tiles in pairs and clear the board of them.

How to play

The objective of the game is to free the board from blocks. The elements are arranged in rows and columns. Choose blocks that have identical images and can be connected by a line with no more than two right angles. You can also pair blocks that are adjacent and share a common side.

Bonuses and rewards

The player receives points for each successful move. If you manage to solve the puzzle as quickly as possible, the participant will additionally receive bonus stars. Set records in each level and get rewarded with cups.

Be careful: for each level you are given a little over 3 minutes and 6 tips.