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Mahjong Candy Dimensions

Welcome to the sweet kingdom of Mahjong Candy Dimensions, where treats await at every corner. The puzzle is developed on the basis of the famous Mahjong solitaire, updated and presented in a new, three-dimensional and three-dimensional format.
Enjoy the reincarnation of a legend in a modern way!

How to play

There is a giant cube on the field, consisting of individual cubes. Each cube contains an image of different sweets. The goal of the game is to find two identical cubes, alternately click on one, then on the other, and thus remove them from the cube.
In the course of the game, you may encounter the fact that not all cubes can be selected. Such cubes are considered non-free – their sides are blocked by other cubes, and you will not be able to use them until you open access to them.
The cube can be rotated left and right. It takes several minutes to complete the level. From the hints – only the shuffle function. Therefore, you have to rely only on your own abilities.
Happy and tasty game!