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Flowers Connect Mahjong

Dive into flower nirvana with Flowers Connect Mahjong (Blossom) Solitaire. This is an incredibly bright and positive game that you don’t even need to download, download or install anywhere. It is available online anytime, anywhere.
The game has two modes – arcade and classic. In the arcade, you need to create combinations of at least three flowers of the same color (but the more, the better), after which they will be removed from the composition. To complete the level, you need to score the winning number of points in the allotted time.
In the classics, the task is the same, only you need to combine the same flowers in pairs, 2 pieces each. As in the arcade, they will disappear, but the level will end in victory not when a certain number of points is collected, but when not a single flower or even a petal remains on the field.
Have a good game!