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Mahjong Butterfly Kyodai 2

Mahjong Butterfly Kyodai 2 is a continuation of the popular Mahjong puzzle game, where traditional Chinese characters and hieroglyphs are replaced with colorful wings. As soon as two identical wings connect, they turn into a beautiful and fragile butterfly, which rises from its place and takes off.
An amazing sight!

How to play

Wings of all colors and shades are set against a bright background with stunning animation. Your task is to connect two identical wings together to form a whole butterfly, and so that the connection line does not form more than two corners. You can run the treadmill diagonally if the wings are not blocked by other wings.
The variety and diversity of colors can be disorienting at the beginning of the game. But it won’t be long! After a couple of minutes, you will get used to them and begin to perfectly navigate this splendor. To speed up this process and help yourself to get involved, use the prompts on the right side of the screen.
Have a good mood and a fruitful game!