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Mahjong Dimensions 3D

Mahjong Dimensions 3D

Mahjong Dimensions 3D is now your favorite oriental puzzle game in three-dimensional format. Enjoy colorful graphics and demonstrate logic and attentiveness.

The player’s task is to disassemble a large cube from small playing pieces. Each tile has an image – bright and original symbols. Choose two identical cubes and click on them to make them disappear. You can choose only those tiles that are not blocked by other elements on three sides.

Speed up the rhythm and get bonuses. You can get extra points if you match pairs of cubes within three seconds. There is also a reward if the player manages to combine pairs of cubes with the same images in a row.

The big cube can be scrolled to see all the available elements. To do this, you can swipe the screen or click on the left or right arrows.
Click on the icon at the bottom to get help. The next turn’s pair of cubes will disappear automatically. In the corner of the screen, there are two empty spaces where the cubes that the player has chosen appear. If there are no available moves left, click on the arrow element and the cubes will be shuffled.

The player has a certain amount of time to complete the game, which is shown by the timer. For completing the level, the player gets an additional 5 seconds of time to complete the next task.

Enjoy the colorful oriental puzzle, which is now presented in 3D format. Scroll the cube, select identical elements and set records in the game.