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Mahjong 99

Mahjong 99

Mahjong 99 is a classic online puzzle game with no time limit. The game interface is not overloaded with unnecessary buttons, score and time counters. And you can’t even find clues here. Only you and her. The perfect combination.

To complete the level, you need to disassemble the construction of the knuckles, grouping the same knuckles in pairs. You can only take tokens located on the edge or at the top of the pyramid. And also those that are considered free, that is, at least two of their sides are not blocked by other chips.

Mahjong 99 is a traditional Chinese puzzle game. Pair the blocks and clear the playing field. The game develops thinking, logic, mindfulness, and allows you to relax.

How to play

Free the board from all the blocks and keep the maximum number of points. To do this, choose identical blocks that are not covered by other elements and have the same patterns. Only those with right or left sides can be active in the game. The game ends when all the tiles disappear from the surface.

If you are at a dead end and have no alternative moves, use the help. Click on the rounded arrow and shuffle all the elements. The tiles will shuffle and new combinations of blocks will be available.

Enjoy the bright design of the tiles – Chinese characters, images of animals and plants, combinations of bamboo sticks.

Good luck!