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Mahjong Link

Mahjong Link (Liaison Mahjong) is a popular solitaire game that will help improve alertness and intelligence, and also make the mind sharp as a razor. This is not just an entertaining game, but a real puzzle that keeps the brain in good shape and increases the level of intelligence. See for yourself!

How to play

The goal of any Mahjong game is to disassemble the construction of the knuckles so that not a single detail remains on the playing field. To do this, find knuckles with the same patterns on them and remove them from the structure.
In Mahjong Link (Liaison Mahjong), the creators simplified this task by numbered each chip. Thanks to this, it will be much easier to find a pair of twin knuckles. But even with this bonus, you shouldn’t relax – at the bottom of the screen there is a timeline that counts down the seconds until defeat. Hurry up on time and go to the next level. The further, the more difficult and more interesting!
Good luck!