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Space Pet Link

Space Pet Link

Space Pet Link is a fun game with extraordinary pets. Discover your extraordinary puzzles and funny animals from other planets. The task of the participant is to clear the field of all the dice.

Tiles with different images are arranged in several rows and columns. To remove all elements, you need to click on two identical images and open access to other tiles. Only those cubes that are identical and located next to each other can be paired, or a line with no more than two right angles can be drawn between them.

Players can choose the difficulty level of the game at the beginning. They differ in the size of the playing field and the number of tiles.

Each successfully matched pair of tiles adds points to the player’s score. To complete a level, a player has a certain amount of time, which is displayed on the scale. Time expires when the player searches for tiles for a long time. As soon as the move is made, the scale is replenished.

The player has the opportunity to use hints. As soon as a difficult situation arises and it is difficult to find the next move, click on the magnifying glass image. The available option will be highlighted. The number of hints is limited and can be replenished depending on the number of points earned.

Collect pairs of funny alien animals and develop your mindfulness and ability to concentrate. Improve your skills and overcome challenging levels of the game.